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Osnovna škola "August Harambašić" Donji Miholjac

School sports hall (a gym)


Our school gym was built in April 1987. During the two decades of using the gym, all technical disadvantages as roof leak, cracks on the link corridor, water leaking on installations and floor were removed.

The playground’s size is 981m2 and the gym has got 450 seats and 500 standing places. There are four big locker rooms with showers and toilets, fitness gym, a table tennis gym with two toilets, two rooms for the gym teachers, storage for sports equipment and two offices.


Permanent users of the Gym

Students of "August Harambašić" Primary School (5th - 8th graders )
Students of "August Harambašić" Primary School (1st -4th graders)
Students of "August Harambašić" High School
"August Harambašić" School Sports Association
Students of the Universal Sports Schools
Donji Miholjac and suburb Sports Clubs
Children from kindergarten "Pinocchio"
Fitness Club members

In last few years the situation related to sport in our town significantly increased in a positive way. "August Harambašić" Primary School, Donji Miholjac Sports Associations and the city of Donji Miholjac made an effort in leading the sport to a higher level.

The Primary School children are offered a range of sports activities towards regular training, promoting the healthy way of life and a way of socialization and education. Football for male and female players, women’s volleyball, wrestling, table tennis, chess and handball are just some of the sports that can be chosen among the children and teenagers.

"August Harambašić" School Sports Association Donji Miholjac includes 250 students among other children and sportsmen.

SSA organized various competitions, but Regional football competition for primary school students, Regional volleyball competition (high school), Easter indoor soccer tournament for girls with WFC Osijek participating also, Semi-final competition in table tennis for girls and boys, all municipal contests in football, handball, volleyball and basketball stand out from the rest.

Students achieve better results in various sports at regional and national level thanks to high-quality sport foundations.

Since 2008 younger studens (1st-4th graders) attend so called Universal Sports School at our gym.

Donji Miholjac and municipal clubs (handball, volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, wrestling, chess) are also regular users and without the gym training processes would be barely or even impossible to accomplish.

It is evident that the gym is of vital importance for the Donji Miholjac Community Sports Organization as for the students of primary and high school, for the town and all the citizens of Donji Miholjac.

Poluzavršno natjecanje u stolnom tenisu za djevojčice i dječake

Considering the fact that Physical Education, extracurricular activities, extracurricular sports activities, trainings, matches and recreation take place at the gym, we come to the number of 2200 users per week.

The gym is used from 7:10 a.m., when students from the high school start their classes up to 22:30 p.m. when clubs usually finish their trainings. The gym almost never stays idle during those 15 hours.


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